Our Schools

KiDS Foundation partner schools are chosen for their academic excellence, their ethos, the diversity of their curriculum and their desire to embrace organizations like the KiDS Foundation. KiDS co-ordinators, who are enthusiastic staff members, are appointed at each school to assist with communication, administration and mentoring of the scholars.

Bergvliet High School, Bergvliet, Cape Town


Bergvliet High School strives to provide learners with an all round education of world class, equipping them to play a constructive role in South Africa.

Claremont High School, Claremont, Cape Town


Claremont High is a new school established in January 2011 by the WCED with the help of Westerford High School. In order to minimise the teething problems associated with many new schools and to ensure that appropriate standards are met from the outset, the WCED entered into a governance and management arrangement with Westerford High School (one of the leading public schools in the country) to support and guide the new school for the first few years. Donald Grant, MEC for Education in the Western Cape, announcing the school in August 2010 stated that “the opening of the Claremont High School is an exciting and innovative development for education in the Western Cape. The school will provide world-class education, especially in Maths and Science to learners from a diversity of backgrounds.”

Good Hope Seminary High School, Gardens, Cape Town


This School is committed to enabling each individual to reach her full potential in a caring, non-threatening, non-discriminatory environment; to develop in each child a positive set of values; to promote tolerance and respect for others and to encourage self-discipline and independent thought.

Immaculata Secondary School, Wynberg, Cape Town

Immaculata Secondary School, a girls' school in Wynberg, Cape Town, has strived to attain academic excellence despite financial constraints. The school relies heavily on sponsorship and benefactors. The principal’s mission is to develop women of worth, strong and able to achieve in any path of society.

Paarl Boys High, Paarl, Western Cape


Paarl Boys' High has featured in the academic merit list of the Western Cape for ten years running and has been featuring in the top ten for the duration as well, making it one of the top academic schools in the province. The school is bilingual, with classes in English and Afrikaans and has been maintaining a 100% pass rate for over a decade. Paarl Boys' High was also named as the best academic school in the Western Cape for 2011.

Paul Roos Gymnasium, Stellenbosch


Paul Roos Gymnasium strives to be the most respected and sought-after school for boys in South Africa. The primary function of Paul Roos Gymnasium is the systematic provision of knowledge and skills, and to provide opportunities for each child to develop the ability to think independently. It is our aim to educate the child in his totality, making provision for his intellectual, moral, aesthetic, physical, social and religious development.

Pinelands High School, Pinelands, Cape Town


Pinelands High School offers a broad academic curriculum and demonstrates consistency in achieving academic excellence. It strives to be a world class school, rooted in Africa, that facilitates all round education in a caring and disciplined environment.

Rondebosch Boys High School, Rondebosch, Cape Town


The school is steeped in tradition with an environment that represents excellence through pride and passion with a legacy rich in tradition, yet progressive and proactive in its approach. The school strives to provide a nurturing environment where all can develop to their fullest potential and is committed to the pursuit of excellence in all aspects of education. We strive to continue the legacy of excellence by nurturing an environment where all can find talents, develop skills and intelligence, and gain values for life-long learning.

Rustenburg High School for Girls, Rondebosch, Cape Town


Rustenburg High School for Girls provides a diverse, supportive and enquiring learning environment that equips its learners with the academic, service, sporting and cultural foundations required to excel in every sphere of life.

South African College High School (SACS), Newlands, Cape Town


The South African College High School seeks to promote excellence within an all-round education; to prepare boys to play a constructive role as compassionate, thinking individuals in society.

Sans Souci Girls' High School, Newlands, Cape Town


Sans Souci offers high quality relevant education which provides the opportunity for each and every learner to fulfil her potential.

Strand High School, Strand, Western Cape


Strand High School is an Afrikaans medium school in the Western Cape. Preference is given to scholars who, through their ability, potential, behaviour and attitude will uphold and continue to build the high standard of Strand High School
Four mottos of Strand High:
Fly higher
Together we do it better
I can make a difference
Respect for everyone and everything

Westerford High School


Westerford High School is committed to building a caring, involved and creative community of pupils, staff and parents recognising and fully developing the unique potential of each individual. It encourages an open, analytical and questioning approach to life and to oneself, based on sound values. It creates a challenging and dynamic learning environment, engenders a balance between the rights and responsibilities of the individual and the well being of the School, the community and natural environment. It equips pupils to participate effectively in a common future with all South Africans.

Wynberg Girls' High School, Wynberg, Cape Town


Wynberg Girls' High strives to create a happy and relaxed, yet orderly and disciplined environment in which each girl is encouraged to develop to her full potential.

Wynberg Boys High School, Wynberg, Cape Town


Wynberg Boys’ High School is committed to offering opportunities so that all its pupils may pursue excellence in all aspects of education – academic, cultural and sporting. The School's motto 'Supera Moras' can be translated literally from the Latin as 'Overcome Difficulties'. Generations of Wynberg men have taken a less stilted translation: 'A Wynberg Man Never Gives Up.' This motto is given life in all four pillars of the school: Academics, Culture, Sport and Service.